Performance Sportster – Triple clamps

The project has started – Harley-Davidson XL1200N ’08. The motorcycle has been acquired after an accident in the United States insurance auction. Imported to European Union, Lithuania.

The primarily damage was to the front – bent and broken forks, wheel, fender. Many various damages all around – fuel tank, lights, handlebars. Most importantly – bent frame.

The frame has been straightened by motorcycle chassis repair shop.

First upgrade – inverted front forks from Kawasaki ZX-6R ’03-’04.

These forks are similar length as stock H-D forks – 740-745mm depending on the preload.

Designed and modeled in CAD.

Fork offset: 60mm (same as Sportster).
Fork width: 210mm (same as ZX-6R).

Handlebar offset: 38mm (same as Sportster).
Handlebar width: 89mm (same as Sportster).

Top triple clamp height: 34mm.
Bottom triple clamp height: 47mm.
Top fork diameter: 50mm.
Bottom fork diameter: 52mm.

There is a removable headlight bracket for mounting stock Harley-Davidson Sportster headlight.

CNC machined in house from billet EN AW-6082 aluminium.

4 operations for each of the triple clamps. 3-axis machining center, so some fixturing is required.