Performance Sportster – Various components

I had these terribly looking Tokico radial front brake calipers to go with the forks. Never had to work with calipers in this condition, so it is the first time for me.

After sand blasting, the calipers have been fully disassembled and cleaned. A lot of dirt and brake fluid which was more like a gel than a fluid. However, all the seals and pistons looked pretty decent.

After powder coating I have lightly touched Tokico logo with face mill on the machining center, just to make it visible.

This is the closest color the powder coating service provided had to gold. It is more like a muddy yellow. It does not look aesthetic to me and it is too thick.

For throttle I have got Domino XM2 quick action throttle control with universal cables.

For a clutch I was afraid that Buell cable could be too short, so I have decided to buy Venhill HD universal clutch cable kit with some additional ferules and barrel nipples. I have ended up with 134cm length clutch cable. I left it longer in case I would like to rise the handlebars in the future.

I have soldered the ends for the cables in the soldering pot (just a cast iron pipe end cap heated with a torch). Results are not perfect as solder kept dropping out as I was rising the cable end from the pot. We will see how it will hold.

For handlebar controls I will be using components from same Kawasaki ZX-6R model.

For brakes I have ordered HEL Performance custom length front brake braided lines with stainless steel fittings.

For rear light I am using small and simple light I had for some time, but never used. This is temporary light before I figure out what to use for a bigger and brighter light. That’s why I 3D printed the housing and glued it to the rear fender with double sided tape.

The rear turn signals are the same as in the front. I just used existing holes to mount them.